Classical Composer, Music Producer, Concert Pianist

"The public's first requirement of their composers, is to be dead!"

Swiss composer, Arthur Honneger (1892 - 1955).

At what point in the public's collective imagination, did the classical composer become a - long deceased - geriatric, with a mop of wild, unkempt grey hair; an eccentric, solitary figure, lost amongst an ocean of manuscripts, scores, and musical obsession? But perhaps more importantly, WHY?

Schubert died aged 31, Mozart at 35, Bizet and Purcell 36, Mendelssohn at 38 and Chopin at 38. Yet in the public imagination, the great composers are all forever grey, their musical masterpieces often simply assumed to be the creations of elderly gentlemen, not of vibrant young men.

Meet Fabio D'Andrea, one of Britain's brightest young composers. And he's very much alive! Fabio's mission in life, is not simply to create beautiful, inspiring, emotional, passionate music, but to traverse barriers and convention, putting a fresh, youthful face public face to the composer. In an era of great popularity for all manner of accessible classical performers, Fabio aims to address the perception of the composer. They live!

Born and raised in Cambridgeshire, Fabio's musical odyssey began at the piano aged only five. Aged ten he was singing professionally as a cathedral chorister and by the age of 12 he was already a grade-8 standard pianist, having also started to learn to play the violin and double-bass too.

As soon as he became a chorister Fabio embarked on his first international tour across the east coast of the USA and Canada. Other notable early performances included performing for The Queen at the Royal Albert Hall, a venue he would soon become well acquainted with, having his conducting debut there at the age of 21.

Graduating with a First Class Bachelors in Music with Honours from King's College London (famed alumni include conductor John Elliot Gardner and composers Michael Nyman and Sir Harrison Birtwhistle), Fabio continued to study for a Masters under the tutelage of acclaimed composers Rob Keeley (pupil of Oliver Knussen), Silvina Milstein and George Benjamin (protégé of the legendary French composer Messiaen).

Fabio has thrown himself into all aspects of musical life, composing, performing and recording. As a classical composer, his varied work includes projects for TV, film scores and soundtracks, adverts, fashion shows and interactive entertainment.

As well as writing for popular vocalists, he has enjoyed numerous international premieres of his pieces including spectacular symphonic works by orchestras including The Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra, The Bulgarian National Radio Orchestra, The National Symphony Orchestra and The Royal Philharmonic. Furthermore, his public profile as a concert level pianist is blossoming, having enjoyed performances of his own works to large audiences at concerts with popular classical artists from Sir Willard White to Katherine Jenkins.

2012 has been an incredibly busy year for Fabio so far. Not only has Fabio composed the film-score for British gangster-flick Woolwhich Boys, he has composed music for a collection of fashion videos showcased at London Fashion Week, written and produced a gospel album for the world renowned Kensington Temple, and has had a number of high-profile concerts in London, France and Hong Kong. In his spare time he has managed to finish his debut solo piano album, comprising of a collection of some of his favourite well-known piano pieces and some brand new compositions of his own.

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